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How can you speak of Munich without mentioning that it is the same as a German Heaven.

Thomas Wolfe, Schriftsteller (1900-1938)

We offer thematic walks on the following topics:

  1. +Old Munich Walk

The sights and peculiarities of Munich's Old Town are the focus of this tour. We will acquaint you with some of the historical persons that shaped this city's 855 years of history and show you why its inhabitants are a very special breed indeed.

  1. +Criminal Munich

The most spectacular crimes committed in Munich over the last 200 years. Meet the city panthers, the Beast of Aubing, and a real KGB-killer. A walk you won't forget soon.

  1. +Tales and legends of Old Munich

How can polishing a lion's snout make you rich and who bent the smith of Sendling's irons all out of shape? Come along on a humourous and varied walk through the dearest and most thrilling tales and legends of Munich.

Or meet one of the following historical characters in person:

  1. +Ghosts of the Old City

Relic seller brother Barnabas takes you on a tour to the old graveyards and haunted spots of Munich. The plague ghost, nightcap haunt, the Troadkipperer and a spectral beer-brewer await you!

  1. +The town-crier's tales

Town crier Ruprecht von Bogen takes you on his daily round along the old town wall and tells you stories from the middle ages. From the lowliest beggar to the proudest emperor - Ruprecht knew them all and brings them back to life in his tales.

  1. +Dead man walking

Meet the executioner master Bernwart and get to know his bloody livelihood. He takes you to the old execution sites and shows you how the criminals of days gone by met their gruesome fates. Over 650 years of executions have left their bloody marks all over town.

A special treat is also our:

  1. +Royal Bavarian morning pint

After a delicious pint of Bavarian beer, two white sausages (Weißwürste) and a Pretzel, we'll take you along on a nostalgic walk to the good old days of yore, when a king still ruled over Bavaria. Hear stories of dignified monarchs, fun-loving crown princes, brawling coachmen, pretty maids, and run-away elephants.

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